Here are the lyrics to my new album, Roads And Bridges, as well as the credits:


     All songs written by James Kamp, except

        The Apple Of My Eye written by James Kamp and Kevin Dolan, and

        There Will Be Time written by James Kamp and John Dzubay

     Copyright and published 2019 by James Kamp


        James Kamp: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano on tracks 1 and 10,

           dobro on track 5

        Kevin Dolan: piano, organ, bass, drums, acoustic and elecric guitars,

           banjo, backing vocals

        Paul Rene McIntire: violin

        Paul Koptak: dobro

     Photos: Jack Warden and James Kamp

     Graphic Design: Margi Christopher and Mary Costley

     Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Kevin Dolan at 

        Shake Rag Recording, Mars Hill, NC

     Special Thanks for Help and Support to Helen Charbonneau, 

        Will Hamilton, and Nancy Warden

            For Kathy Kiser and Phillip Anderson


LYRICS for Roads And Bridges


     Hey, hello, how are you? I hope you're doin' well

     Maggie's in the kitchen. She's raisin' a little hell

     Sittin' here beside her, tryin' not to yell

     I think I feel spring comin' on, but you know it's hard to tell

     Sunlight's at the window. Kitty's at the door

     Howlin' like this wooden house can't hold her anymore

     I peel a page off of the calendar, read the message for today

     When the ground beneath your tired legs starts givin' way

     Don't forget to look up

     Sally's doin' fine, you know she started work again

     You know she couldn't wait to see the fall semester end

     And ma came home last Friday. I guess you heard she fell

     And broke her hip three weeks ago while goin' for the mail

     I hear it's cold out where you're livin'. I hear it's hard to get along

     Some days I wish that Santa Anna breeze'd blow you home

     When you're runnin' with the big boys, when you're runnin' overtime

     When you're sittin' at the table, when you're signin' on the line

     Don't forget to look up

     It's good to hear you're happy, but I'm not exactly glad

     To know the kind of things you've done, the kind of fun you've had

     Maybe it's not my business, but then who's is it anyway?

     So I guess I'm gonna come right out with what I gotta say

     It's good you're makin' progress. It's good you're gettin' by

     But the things you seem to care about just don't seem right

     Are you worryin' about the future? Are you lyin' about the past?

     When the room starts spinnin', and it moves too fast

     Don't forget to look up

     Sorry if I'm comin' off soundin' harsh and hard to hear

     I know it's a cliche to say, but it's just because I care

     Maybe I'm from another time, someone you used to know

     Maybe I'm naive and blind, but I don't think so

     Is there nothin' I can do? Is there nothin' I can say

     To make you wanna change your mind and turn around

     And come back home?

     If you've had too many high times. If you think you've had enough

     If your horse starts buckin', and the ride gets rough

     We're still here

     I still see you as a child. I still see you in the yard

     I still see you with a broken heart, but never growin' hard

     Don't forget


     When you wish upon a star, do you still close your eyes

     And wonder how far I am out here tonight?

     The lights are all out, The doors are shut up tight

     And comin' through the trees, one perfect light

     Do you still wish, and stand out in your field

     And spin around?

     And when you sit out on your porch on a cool May evenin'

     Do you ever think of the things we said before my leavin'

     And listen to your windchimes play as the cars go rollin' past?

     What was it you'd say, "Ah, but can it last?"

     Do you still remember the way it used to feel

     When I'd hold you in my arms and spin around?

     Or has someone come and taken you far across the sea

     Where eagles fly on summer nights far away from me?

     If that's the case, I won't bother. I won't hold my hopes up

     You don't have to say why the eagle flies 

     On a summer night away


     And when you lie in bed at night, what do you dream?

     A better, sweeter time? More color, not so mean?

     Are there friends and a warm fire? A Christmas tree?

     Loving, tender looks? Forgiveness and peace?

     Do you still dream someone'll come and take your hand

     And look you in the eyes, be strong and hold on tight

     And spin around?


     She came down to tell me that things were not the way they'd seemed

     She had to let me know this life was not the one I'd dreamed

     Sad things that happen to someone else, but not to us

     We thought we'd built our walls up high and strong and hard enough

     The kingdom of happiness we'd built on solid ground

     Was that day torn and fell, just like those buildings crashin' down

     And everything we'd only seen and thought were far away

     Came home to right here, where they always had been anyway

     But maybe nothin's wrong, no need to get upset

     It's just another song, another tune to soon forget

     Maybe what I'm feelin' isn't real and isn't right

     Maybe I'm just lonesome here tonight

     I turned on the TV, so I could see what's goin' on

     People runnin' underneath a disappearin' sun

     Somethin' told me, "Turn it off!"

     But somethin' deeper told me, "Don't!"

     And from that day I can't help seein' pain in every human bone

     Some people shoutin' cause some others don't believe

     And some people dyin' cause they can't get even what they need

     And the so-called leaders say, "Don't worry. Get some rest"

     How can any soul have any chance here under all of this?

     But maybe nothin's wrong. No, don't adjust the set

     Don't think about it long, or say something you might regret

     Maybe I'm just too long in the shadows of the light

     Maybe I'm just lonesome here tonight

   Tumblin' Down

     I'm standin' on the shoreline throwin' stones into the lake

     Watchin' while they disappear, and wondrin' what's it take?

     Another sleepless night alone, again I spent away

     From family, friends, and happy home beggin' me to stay

     But the walls came tumblin' down

     Seventeen years old and back as far as I could tell

     All I'd seem to hear was "Be a man, and be it well!

     Take the things you need, and stand up tall and say it proud

     And keep the things you feel inside, and fear is not allowed"

     But the walls came tumblin' down

     Cascadin' waterfalls stir up spray as I walk on

     Along the ancient riverbed. Takes the pain from out my head

     I sleep beneath a willow tree I've known since I could barely see

     The sky when she was blue and free

     Which way will it end? How will it go when that day comes?

     Will I stand alone to face my fate, or will I run?

     Will my sons and fathers stand beside me in the end?

     Will the storm clouds open? Will heaven take me in

     When the walls come tumblin' down?


     Fresh as the mornin' you came our way

     A twinkle of stardust in your eyes

     A simple smile to say "It's all OK"

     Not knowing pain or even pride

     You are the one who came from our hometown

     You are a castle in the sky

     You are the one who made it all come down

     You are the apple of my eye

     Runnin' the bases, cheers all around

     Roundin' third and headin' home

     Hearin' you laughin' from three doors down

     Walkin' with Billy home

     And what if we hadn't had the chance?

     Wouldn't our lives have been less grand?

     Lookin' back, the time of our lives

     How funny we didn't know?

     And it's been twelve or thirteen years gone by

     Since the complications that made us cry


     Well I went to a place where the old timers go

     I walked down some stairs, and I knocked on a door

     I saw men sittin' 'round chairs on the floor

     They were all holdin' guitars and banjos and fiddles, and so

     I said, "Sing me a song that you learned so long ago

     Before all of these changes, I'm sure you could tell me you saw

     When the wind still could whistle, and walkin' down windy dirt roads

     Till the sound of mom's dinner bell over the whippoorwill's call"

     Well then slowly heads turned; and these men, I could tell in their eyes

     That this thing I was askin' was somethin' laid buried inside

     That the folks with these faces, though smilin', were sadly resigned

     That the things that were lost now were lost, and this fool to remind


     Well the next fella called out a slow country waltztime in C

     And the others called ballads and tunes, till it came 'round to me

     I said, "Gentlemen, there's just one thing that my heart and soul need

     And though right now I'm younger and thinner and dumber

     I think you all need it the same

     It's a song that shoots straight past your mind to the real thing you are

     It's a tune that makes mothers grab babies and dance in the yard

     When the fiddles glide skyward to soar on the wings of guitar

     Now let's count it, my brothers! Come with me. One, two, three, four"

     And we sang us a song that we swoar we'd learned long ago

     Before all of these changes took heaven and brought it down low

     When the wind still could whistle, and walkin' down windy dirt roads

     Till the sound of mom's dinner bell over the whippoorwill's call


     There was a tall snow-covered hill

     We used to go to at night

     And dance and sing, and everything

     That you could see in the moonlight

     We ran through the trees blowin' in the breeze

     Ran through the ice and the snow

     Runnin' where th sun told us where to run

     Runnin' where the wild winds blow

     The Georgia pines, bodies entwined

     Beneath the canopy we'd lie

     When all I knew was all of you

     And all the earth and all the sky

     We ran through the leaves fallin' from the trees

     Fallin' where the sun barely goes

     Out across the sea where summer used to be

     Runnin' through the ice and the snow

     We stopped and stood, stock still and good

     Just like the rest of the world had done

     And then a hawk, slow circlin' down

     It's shadow drawn across your coat

     Into your eyes and into your smile

     Into your arms I did run

     The words we spoke I do not know

     But what we shared is not undone

     We ran through the fields, warm against the wheels 

     Of a cold hard machine that couldn't hold

     It coughed and fell away. We just smiled and waved

     Runnin' through the ice and the snow

     And then one day you went away

     I could not go where you had to go

     I cried awhile. But one day I smiled

     The sunlight glistenin' on the snow




    When you don't know what you got

    But you know it ain't right

    You wanna take that train

    And ride it all night

    When the moon up above

    And everything else

    Seems to tell you there's got to be

    Better than this  

    Don't you wanna run?

    Don't you wanna run?

    When it's money that's king

    And nobody cares

    You come home from your job

    And there's nobody there

    And you know you remember

    When love was alive

    Why'd you leave that time

    And the time before that?

   Don't you wanna run?

   Don't you wanna run?

   With the sneaking suspicion that all your best

   Has just been left behind

   That the dream that kept your head above the rest

   Was all a pack of lies

   And all your well-loved independentness

   Has gond and left you dry

   And everything you thought you didn't need

   You need

   So you pack up your changes

   And you throw 'em away

   You'll be travellin' light now

   And you know you can't wait

   All the glory you felt

  When your heart and body were young

  Is there still enough time

  If you can get up and run?

  But where you gonna run?


   Oh, if I said "I love you"

   Would you choke on your reply?

   Would dark clouds gather 'round you

   Make you wanna run and hide?

   But these things happen oh so easy

   Seems they happen all the time

   Familiarity breeds love sometimes

   And can I help it you're so fine?

   Oh, if I said "I love you"

   Would you turn and say "Goodbye"?

   Would the way you feel about me

   Really change in the wink of an eye?

   I do not think love is the problem

   But maybe lovers, they have been

   Or are you just too scared to step up to the plate

   And take a lover as a friend

   Oh, if you do not love me

   You won't be the first. You won't be the last

   I know it might make you feel unsteady

   But don't you run away so fast

   'Cause I won't push or try to win you

   But I refuse to feel ashamed

   For being one who stands to live and love again

   And call a rose out by her name


   So there were not so many roads

   And turns, and ways to get lost

   You were there with each step I took

   And saw that I never got hurt

   And so I wish I could tell you so

   And stop all the hurt you feel

   The leaves are fallin' again

   On eaves and beat up old sidewalks

   So small. They used to be so tall

   And kids playin' football in the yard

   And runnin' home when we'd hear your call

   Runnin' home

   What's a boy to do?

   He's lonely just like you

   Now your eyes are dry

   But soon again they'll cry

   The man who gave up his roads

   For you, and for the rest of us, too

   Took my hand, and showed me a road

   Is a wreck without a bridge to connect

   So I hope that I can build one to you

   'Cause that's all I can think to do


   I was out on my own

   Another lost soul on the road

   Far away, all alone

   All night long

   There will be time in the mornin'

   When you open your eyes

   I will be there

   There will be time in the mornin'

   When you open your eyes

   I will be there

   There's a light come to me

   Another last chance to believe

   Had my life tossed on the waves

   Of love's shining sea

   There will be time in the mornin'

   When you open your eyes

   I will be there

   There will be time in the mornin'

   When you open your eyes

   I will be there

   There to wake up, look you in the eyes

   Probably smile, not say "Goodbye"

   Just be with you, never wonder why

   I say these things to you

   There will be time...

   Now I'm lost in your touch

   A thing I thought never would come

   But our lives have to go on

   And time is never enough

   There will be time...


   Wakin' up Sunday mornin's just like rain

   I wanna run to the city, and run back home again

   In the middle of a thunderstorm I called her name

   She didn't wanna hear, but that was all the same

   I wanna be, be like young leaves

   Dancin' in the wind, but holdin' to a tree

   I wanna be, be like young leaves

   Dancin' in the wind, but holdin' to a tree

   Out on some sturdy branch is where I'll be found

   High above the busy creatures on the ground

   Listenin' to birdsong and dreamin' about the sky

   Wonderin' if maybe these veins fill wings to fly

   I wanna be...

   And when I finally get there

   There'll be room enough to share

   All my buddies will be there

   All around me everywhere

   And when we make our evenin' beds

   There'll be time enough ahead

   And when we finally let go

   We'll be laughin', don't you know

   On this bright early spring mornin', I woke up new

   Green grass and birds and the smell of life

   And nothin' much to do

   Everything alive and sparklin', and just like me

   The wind rustlin' through these branches remindin' me

   That right now I am just a young leaf

   Dancin' in the wind, but holdin' to a tree

   Yeah, right now I am just a young leaf

   Dancin' in the wind, but holdin' to a tree

   And someday I'll be crinkled and brown

   Floatin' through the air and landin' on the ground

   Yeah, someday I'll be crinkled and brown

   Floatin' through the air and landin' on the ground

   Maybe children will play all around me

   And I'll look up and see new leaves on the tree